Herb Shon

  • Herb Shon, Ph.D., LCSW
  • Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
  • Phone: (909)537-5532
  • E-mail: hshon@csusb.edu

Herb Shon teaches the BASW practice sequence, supervises MSW research projects, and coordinates the BASW field education program. He is a native Southern Californian and earned his B.A. in political science from CSULA, and his MSW and Ph.D. in social welfare from UCLA. Dr. Shon's professional experience includes psychiatric, medical, gerontological, and hospice social work, as well as program development and administration, and health services research.

Professional Specialties

  • Social work education
  • Alzheimer's disease and caregiving
  • Ethnic-appropriate models of service delivery
  • Cross-cultural mental health

Selected Publications

Shon, H. & Smith, L.A. (2011). Review of Poll Everywhere Audience Response System. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 29 (3), 236-245.

Smith, L.A., Shon, H., & Santiago, R. (2011). Audience Response Systems: Using “clickers” to enhance BSW education. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 29 (2), 120-132.

Shon, H. (2011). Korean Americans: Dying and death rituals. In Lee and Nadeau, Eds.), Encyclopedia of Asian American folklore and folklife, 671-672. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO.

Shon, H. & Adamek, M.E. (2010). Caregivers for older Chinese Americans: Facilitating access to caregiver support services. In S. Chen & J.L. Powell (Eds.), Aging in perspective and the case of China: Issues and approaches. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Smith, L.A., & Shon, H. (2009). Curriculum for the worker factors in the overrepresentation of African Americans in the child welfare system research project. Berkeley: University of California at Berkeley, California Social Work Education Center.

Shon, H. & Moon, A. (2008). A Model for Developing and Implementing a theory-driven, culture-specific outreach and education program for Korean American caregivers of people with Alzheimer's disease. AAPI Nexus: Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders Policy, Practice & Community, 6 (2), 1-15.

Harada, N.D., Damron-Rodriguez, J., Villa, V.M., Washington, D.L., Dhahani, S., Shon, H., Chattopadhyay, M., Fishbein, H., Lee, M., Makinodan, T., & Andersen, R. (2002). Veteran Identity and race-ethnicity: Influences on VA outpatient care utilization. Medical Care, 40(1) Suppl., 117-128.

Washington, D.L., Harada, N.D., Villa, V.M., Damron-Rodriguez, J., Dhanani, S., Shon, H., Makinodan, T. (2002). Racial variations in Department of Veterans Affairs ambulatory care use and unmet health care needs. Military Medicine, 167(3), 235-241.

Harada, N.D., Damron-Rodriguez, J., Washington, D.L., Dhanani, S., Shon, H., Liu, H., & Andersen. R. (2002). The influence of military service on outpatient care use among racial/ethnic groups in Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Military Medicine, 167(7), 525-31.

Affiliations, Associations, Consultations

  • National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter
  • Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)
  • CSWE Council on Field Education
  • Subject Matter Expert, California Board of Behavioral Sciences
  • Asian and Pacific Islander Dementia Intervention and Advocacy Committee, Alzheimer's Association
  • LCSW Consultant
  • Edelman Adult Day Services Institute, Alzheimer's Association (2001-2004)
  • National Adult Day Services Association (2002-2004)
  • California Association of Adult Day Services (2002-2004)
  • Los Angeles County Adult Day Services Coalition (2002-2004)

Awards and Fellowships

  • Research Fellow, CSWE Minority Fellowship Program (1991-1994)
  • NIMH Research Training Grant, (1992-1993)
  • UCLA School of Social Welfare Community Service Award (1991)
  • NIMH Clinical Training Grant (1990-1991)