Stanley Taylor

  • Stanley Taylor, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D. - University of Southern California
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I am currently assistant professor of social work at California State University San Bernardino. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California and have an extensive background in urban studies, micro and macro social work, sociology, teaching, national/international conference presentations, grant writing, and social research techniques. I began my teaching career as a lecturer in various social science disciplines due to my diverse skills and education. I started as a teaching assistant during my pre-doctoral years at which time I developed a social problems course at the University of Southern California and was granted the opportunity to teach the course to seniors in the political science.

After receiving my doctorate in 2004, I began lecturing at several California State Universities some of which allowed me to develop courses that would enhance student understanding of the community, organizational, urban environment and investigation of sociological theory and phenomena. This experience increased my effectiveness in facilitating the learning process, and my capacity to create provocative, action-oriented research projects that gave students a chance to gather and analyze data systematically, and to report findings effectively.

I taught at three California State Universities as a lecturer in several areas of the social sciences including, Sociology 328, Social Agencies Power and Practice at Cal State Dominguez Hills, Urban Studies 499, Organizational Theory and Nonprofit Development which I created and taught for the planning department at Cal Polytechnic University Pomona, in addition to teaching Urban Studies 250, Planning the Multi-Ethnic City at Cal State Northridge. All the prior experiences have allowed me to hone my skills in developing my own research style, and philosophy. One dimension of my philosophy is to prepare students for applying their social science knowledge and research skills across an array of diverse cultures and populations with the integrity and ethics of the discipline, locally and globally.

I have the capacity to bring a diversity of social scientific research methods, skills and insight to the development theory, hypotheses testing, and the ability to explore complex social science and organizational phenomena systematically. I am currently working on two IRB-approved research projects at my current university (CSUSB) “Why African-American and Latino boys join Street Gangs” and the other “Communities and Gangs.” There is a component in the first study that I’m particularly excited about which compares/contrasts American street gang socialization and subsequent member perceptions to those of child soldiers in Africa. In addition, I believe my broad and diverse education, experience and research background in the areas of community organizations, evaluation, youth and family, human groups, and the social sciences in general, has helped me to develop a unique understanding of social systems and their interdependence that can enrich a variety of research projects.

Selected Publications

Taylor, S., How Street Gangs Recruit and Socialize Members, Journal of Gang Research (2008, in press)

Professional Specialties

  • Program evaluation
  • Helping urban areas deal with the problem of street gangs
  • Organizational change in social services

Affiliations, Associations, Consultations

  • American Evaluation Association

Awards and Honors

  • Los Angeles Council Member Janice Hahn - Certificate of Appreciation 2007
  • Los Angeles Human Relations Commission - Certificate of Recognition 2007
  • Congress of Racial Equality Certificate of Commendation 1998
  • Los Angeles City Council member Laura Chick - Certificate of Community Service 1998
  • Los Angeles Urban League Certificate of Commendation 1997
  • Los Angeles Councilmember Mark Ridley Thomas - Certificate of Commendation 1996
  • University of Southern California - Tom Bradley Scholar Award 1994
  • University of Southern California - Toppings Community Service Award 1995
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters - Letter of Commendation 1994