Majors & Programs

Masters in Social Work

The Master of Social Work, a terminal professional degree, prepares students for employment in a variety of agencies serving a diverse range of clients. The competitive program emphasizes social work values, professionalism and excellence in problem solving; its primary focus is on practice in mental health, child welfare, family service, health and welfare. In the advanced year, students select a specialization which can be a social issue, client population, or field of practice.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

The BASW is the beginning professional degree in the field of social work. Our BASW curriculum is an exciting and highly structured two-year program that students begin after completing lower division course requirements. Students are admitted to the program only in the fall and take a year-long sequence of human behavior, social welfare policy, and social work research courses their first year. In the second year, social work practice courses are taken concurrently with a two-day per week placement in a social service agency.

Pathway Distance Education Program

The Pathway Distance Education Program offers accredited, professional education to students who are unable to attend classes on the main campus in San Bernardino. The program facilitates students’ progress anywhere along the professional pathway that begins with prerequisites for the B.A.S.W. and ends with the completion of the M.S.W.