Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Pathway Distance Education Program?

Are there other opportunities within the Distance Education Program?

Who do I contact for further information?

Admission Requirements and Application Procedures

What are the Requirements for Admissions?

How do I apply to the Pathway Distance Education Program?

When and how should I apply and how many students are admitted each year?


Which courses do I need to take and how are the courses sequenced?

When and where will courses be offered?

What if I start the program but cannot finish on time, can I finish later?

Who teaches the courses?

Field Education

What is the purpose of Field Education?

How is Field Education organized and delivered?

Who is the Faculty (Field) Liaison/Seminar Leader?

Who is the Field Instructor?

How many hours are required for Field Practicum?

Costs and Financial Aid

How much does the program cost?

Can I get financial aid?

Are there other sources of funding?

  • Yes, if you are interested in a career in children’s services, there is funding available via our Title IVE child welfare Pathway program. You can find information about this at Title IVE Pathways Program.
  • There is also Title IVE funding for our B.A.S.W. program. Please contact Mr. Nick Watson at to get information about this.
  • There is Title IVE funding for our M.S.W. However, be aware since the M.S.W. program in the Pathway program has a higher fee structure, you may not get all of your costs covered by the Title IVE award. You can find information about the M.S.W. Title IVE program at: .

Technology and Library

What kind of computer and internet connection will I need?

How do I access the Library?

Do I need a student ID card?