Title IV-E Stipend

The California State University, San Bernardino School of Social Work is a participant in the statewide Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project, a joint effort of California graduate schools of social welfare, County Welfare Directors, NASW, mental health representatives, and private foundations. The primary goal is to professionalize child welfare services by increasing the number of masters' degreed social workers who provide services to children and their families.

Program Description

The IV-E stipends provide support of $18,500 per year for students in the Full-time MSW Program. Eligible students in the Part-time MSW Program are reimbursed for their tuition, books and travel for a period of three years. Only students who are currently employed by the children's services division of a county public social services agency or the California Department of Social Services, Children's Services, are eligible for the Part-time Program student support funds.

While in the MSW Program, students are required to complete the child welfare elective course and select a child welfare related topic for their research and advanced courses assignments.

First year field placements must be in agencies serving child welfare (IV-E) clients. Second year field placements must be in California County Child Welfare Agencies.

Students sign a contract agreeing to pay back this award by securing employment in a California County Department of Child Welfare Services or the California Department of Social Services, Child Welfare Division within six months of graduation. They must work one year for each year of aid awarded.

Students who are DSS/CDSS or CSW employees on educational leave must return to work in their home county upon graduation


Only students who are accepted to the California State University, San Bernardino School of Social Work are eligible to compete for the Title IV-E Program. The number of stipends is limited. Applicants must demonstrate commitment to a career in public child welfare. Priority will be given to current employees of the County/State Department of Social Services. Because child welfare is a field-based practice, students must maintain a valid driver's license and automobile insurance.

Application Process

The Title IV-E Program cannot be designated in the MSW Application; a separate IV-E Stipend Application is required. This Application can be found in the Admissions packet. The completed IV-E Application and pre-Application Agreement must be submitted at the same time as the Application for Admission.

Selection Process

Applicants are evaluated by a selection panel composed of an IV-E faculty member and Riverside and San Bernardino County child welfare representatives. Applicants are evaluated and selection of successful applicants is made by the following criteria.

  • Written responses to questions.
  • Oral responses to interview questions.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of child welfare and the responsibilities of a child protective services worker.
  • Potential to provide high quality, culturally competent social work practice.
  • Demonstrated belief in the concepts of social justice and equality for all clients of the public welfare system.
  • How well the applicant will fit into the county public child welfare system.

Since successful applicants will eventually become the employees of DCS, county representatives make the final decision about who they believe will fit well in the child welfare system.

Priority is given to current staff members of county public social services agencies. Priority is also given to bilingual applicants, and applicants who reside in the high or low desert areas. Males with an interest in working in the child welfare system are encouraged to apply.

Stipends are awarded to those who successfully meet the above criteria.


Should a stipend be awarded and accepted, but the awardee fails to complete for academic course of study or complete the required employment obligation with DCS, he/she would be considered in default and be required to repay all of the IV-E funds received.

Classes and Field Placements

Full-time IV-E students have classes on Monday and Wednesday and are in field Tuesday and Thursday. Field placements in the first year are completed in agencies that service IV-E children and families. Second year field placements are completed in County Child Welfare offices.

Part-time IV-E students have classes on Tuesday and Thursday and are in field Monday and Wednesday. Field placements for part-time students begin in the second year of the program and must be done in an agency outside of the agency of employment and that services IV-E children and families. Second year field placements are in County Child Welfare Offices.

For further information, please contact Susan Culbertson at (909)537-5544 or sculbert@csusb.edu.