Our faculty, students and community partners work together with support from our university, college and alumni to achieve our mission:

CSUSB’s School of Social Work provides accessible, dynamic, and rigorous academic programs that prepare students with foundation and advanced professional values, knowledge and practice skills to effectively enhance the well-being of the diverse populations and communities of our region, state and world.

Accessibility means that we attract and retain a student population reflective of the region’s population and provide social work education opportunities to students in previously unserved areas.

Dynamic Change means that we change and innovate to reflect changes in the professional knowledge base, technology for practice and teaching, regional demographics and needs, and national and global trends that affect human well-being.

Rigor means that the education is rigorous as demonstrated by comprehensive assessment of the values, knowledge and practice competencies that we expect our students acquire during the program.

Professional Social Work Knowledge, Skills and Values means that we promote human and community well-being through teaching professional social work values, knowledge and practice skills. These values include service, social justice, the dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relationship, integrity, competence, human rights, and scientific inquiry. The knowledge base includes risk and protective factors in all stages of human development, practice skills to enhance the functioning of individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities (including policy advocacy), and the skills of scientific inquiry.

Serving the diverse populations and communities of our region, state and world means that our programs prepare students for practice in a regional, state and global context of dynamic diversity.