License in Clinical Social Work (L.C.S.W.)

The L.C.S.W. is a California post-MSW license required for most advanced social work positions in the state. Application packets, which describe the requirements for earning an L.C.S.W., are available from the California Board of Behavioral Science Examiners. There is a notice board in the southern corridor of the School of Social Work dedicated to current information from the Board of Behavioral Sciences. It is recommended that you become familiar with licensing requirements well in advance.

The L.C.S.W. requires an accredited MSW, subsequent registration as an "Associate" working towards licensure, the equivalent of two years full-time employment while registered (under appropriate supervision), and proof of training in child abuse, addictions, sexuality, and domestic violence. (The MSW curriculum meets domestic violence requirements and its electives in the first three areas meet those requirements. Training requirements may also be met through shorter workshops that are offered frequently in many locations throughout the state including CSUSB.) Once these initial requirements are met, the candidate must pass first a written and then an oral examination.

For additional information regarding licensing, you may visit the following websites:

Association of State Social Work Boards
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