Writing Coach

Booking an appointment with the writing coach for the School of Social Work

You can book an appointment with your writing coach by following the link below. Please read this entire page for complete instructions and common trouble-shooting issues. Also, keep in mind that there are limited hours available for coaching, so it’s important to plan your appointment ahead of time if possible. Some of the available hours will be open from the beginning of the quarter so that you can plan ahead, and the rest will be added weekly. Note that any weekday appointment slots can be booked for meetings in person, online or via email. However, weekend time slots can only be for online or email meetings.

Procedure for making an appointment:

  • Sign into the calendar using a Google account (your coyote account would be best)
  • Find an open time slot that works for you
  • Indicate which appointment type you are making (in person, online, or email) and what you’d like to work on/what your concerns are
  • Please limit your appointments to one hour a week (unless you have approval from your professor or Francesca for more)

Procedure for cancelling an appointment (please read carefully):

* Due to the limited availability of coaching hours and the large number of students in our program, cancelling your appointment as soon as you know you can’t make it is important.
  • In order to cancel your appointment, go to your calendar, click on the appointment, and then click delete.
    • Please note that it is NOT enough to simply decline the invitation. In order for the appointment to be reopened for other students, you must delete it from your calendar

Trouble shooting for appointment-making issues:

  • You must use a Google account to access the calendar
  • If you have never logged into your google calendar before, you must log into it before the link to my calendar will work properly
  • If you are seeing strange times on the calendar (like late at night), it is because your personal calendar is not set to Pacific Standard Time. If this happens, please log out of the calendar, log into your own, fix the time setting, and then return to the calendar
  • If you would like to use Google Video (aka Google Hangouts). You will have to download a plug-in, so please have that ready to go BEFORE the meeting
  • For meetings via Google, please be sure you have emailed your project in advance of our meeting to fastiaz@csusb.edu

Requirements for email appointments:

  • Book one hour for each paper (or thesis chapter) that you would like reviewed, with a maximum of one hour per week (unless you have approval from your professor or Francesca for more).
  • Indicate in the comments section of the calendar booking that you would like an email appointment (this detail is very important).
  • Well before your appointment is scheduled, email chapter/paper you want reviewed to fastiaz@csusb.edu.
  • Expect a reply with feedback within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.

For questions or concerns, contact writing coach Francesca Astiazaran:

Email: Fastiaz@csusb.edu
Phone: (909) 537-5302